Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Thoughts about the Significance of the Hubble Telescope for Mankind

Upon seeing the first images broadcast from the Hubble Space Telescope I was dumb-struck by the sheer beauty of the science behind it as well as the unbelievable amount of work by so many dedicated scientists. I found it revolutionary that so many people came together making it happen in such a way as we have never seen before, Hubble is a victory for all of mankind and the pictures we have discovered are beyond egregious and awed me in such a way that I had not been prepared for.
As a laymen in astronomy as well as many other subjects that hold interest for me, I was fascinated at the clarity displayed in these images. The detail was unprecedented and depicted radically mind boggling beauty that one has to see personally to believe. I found myself thinking about the vastness of space and how so much of it is unexplored, and with each new image it was as if my wildest fantasies of what galaxies and the various gaseous nebulas looked like was validated and superseded.

I feel many people harshly criticized the mistaken mirror and the heroic shuttle mission that gave Hubble new optics was a crucial success for the whole world. At this juncture in our shared history as mankind it is my greatest hope that maybe from the knowledge we gain from the sacrifices of so many talented people who stood unwavering and true to their goal, not giving in when things bore down on them and the pressure heated up, that we could learn a lesson from the people involved and try to come together as mankind.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all come together as a unit now working towards the goals of preparing for our planet's growth in the next millennia and our colonization of first space with the construction of the new space station using all the knowledge the USSR and the USA gained from experiences on Mir. I think mankind is up to the challenges ahead and I hope that possibilities are explored and investigated unilaterally as a combined effort by all the world's talented minds getting together through the use of the Internet, or perhaps the Internet 2 would be better suited due to the vast amounts of data required in such an undertaking.

Also as a young Mother of a toddler I am gratified to believe that the wonders I have seen in my thirty years will pale when compared to the marvelous things I am certain lie ahead that my son will bear witness to. I have seen the birth of cable and computers and have enjoyed to evolution of video games to the extreme simulators available today as well as the new sport of competitive 'live' game play over the net with people all over the world joining for a game of mutual interest.

If random citizens of the world meet in game rooms and chat rooms while the scientists meet to try gather facts to overcome the mutual problems facing us all, I am certain we could defend ourselves from the dangerous objects that could end our cozy little climb up the ladder of awareness. I am referring to the threat possible asteroids, comets and any kind of large floating mass that could plummet towards us without our being prepared to effectively prevent such a tragic occurrence from wiping us out just when we are on the verge of a new era.

If we want to make things better in the coming years then it takes the cooperation of everyone to get things done. It is our duty to speak up and voice our opinions and to share thoughts. The Internet makes this so much easier and from this greater advances will be made in many newly opened fields. Everything from Medical discoveries to discoveries about the human mind. Computers assist us in so many ways and I am thankful to be living in this wonderful time of discovery.

Written in around 2002. When my son was very young.

I love my portable computer too:

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